Razor MX350 - charging extra set of batteries externally

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Razor MX350 - charging extra set of batteries externally

Hello, I am a new member and this is my first pst. I have 2 mx 350s and an extra pair of batteries and an extra charger (the extra charger was free so...) All of these are brand new. I am trying to charge the extra set of batteries so that I always have 1 set ready to go. I searched endlessly to find out how to do this but couldnt find an answer. Here is what I know so far:

I created 2 jumpers to plug into the + and - of the battery pigtail. On the charger female connection there are 3 terminals, only two are marked (+,- ) on the charger body. I plugged mu jumper into the the + , - on the demale side and the corresponding +,- on the battery side. I plugged the charger in and the red light comes on, all seems fine. The third terminal is for?? Anyhow, after a few hours the red light went off and the green light came on (success - or so I thoiught). The the red light came back on, goes off and the green light comes on. It repeated this for a minute or so until I unplugged the power source. I traded out chargers, same result.

I assume the 3rd pigtail wire serves some purpose and is why I see this flashing light scenario after the battery is charged (I least I assume the new batteries are charged).

Can anyone tell me what the 3rd connction on the female pigtail on the charger is for? Inside the battery cover there are 2 black wires and 1 red wire connected to the male side of the 3 pin, so is it safe to assume the last wire must be grounded as well?

Thanks in advance, Im in a holding pattern for now.

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Re: Razor MX350 - charging extra set of batteries externally

I don't know anything specific about your scooter, but with ebikes the third wire is usually temperature. The wire is hooked to a thermistor somewhere inside the battery pack. It allows the charger to cycle off if the core of the pack starts to get too hot.

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