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Since the topic is up in other threads, I am about to replace my stock tires with something better. Here's the trouble, I measure out what my frame/fork can handle, order the appropriate size and BLAMO, the new tires don't fit. Paul (PJD) mentioned in another thread that tire sizes are like shirt sizes, to which I replied in my head, "Aha!" So...

I've got stock Kendas 90/90-12...notice the 12"
I tried Pirelli SL26 110/100-12 (they should have fit and they didn't).

So, I am trying to find a good, affordable tire in size 12" that runs true to size or small in something like a 110/90-12 or even a more standard 120/70-12 if the tire runs true to size. Anyone have any experiences or knowledge here on a "true to size" tire?

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