eZee Carro Electric Trike mod: only goes 8 mph, sheesh!

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eZee Carro Electric Trike mod: only goes 8 mph, sheesh!

Can I change the controller to one of the other eZee bike controllers (like eZee Sprint) and get 12mph or preferably 15mph out of this trike? It seems to have a lot of hill-climbing power, but 8 mph is way too slow for all but the most senior riders. Help, this thing is interminable!

Motor: Brushless, 350/700 watt peak front hub motor.
Controller: PWM, overload protection 20 amps with self diagnostics LED indicator.
Battery: Nickel Metal Hydride, option Lithium-Ion.
Charger: Smart, 2 A, charge time 5 hours empty to full.
Speed: 10 mph (WRONG, IT goes 8 mph tops)
Range: 20 miles (subject to rider, terrain, etc.)
Hill climbing: Strong

Weight: 65 lbs plus quick-release battery (NiMH battery is 12lbs).

Bob in Oceanside, CA

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