We want to do help on EVTA controller

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We want to do help on EVTA controller

I think we can provide a reliable 3 phase 60V controller at around Usd150/pc.

1)Could anyone open a EVTA motor and let me have a look the inside structure ?

2) Could anyone put on current meter and tell me EVT's start current and climbing current

3) What's the connestor of EVTA motor/controller and wiring ? ......
So that I can make a controller matching the structure.

In china,many controller factory use imitation IR FET component so that the quality is not stable.

No matter Erato or Efun or my new factory....our controller never broken since 2006.

Anyone need my support,take free to send me a mail mountain.chen [at] gmail.com

We don't expect the growing market of EV being damaged.

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