Brush hub motor repair question

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Brush hub motor repair question

After pulling apart the brush motor from my slightly antiquated Evader 100s, I noticed the magnets did not seem to be spaced correctly. The motor has not worked for a while and I was curious why, so I am thinking the magnets shifted somehow and lined up almost side by side.
In addition, there were a few of them protruding up above the rim of the others. brush_hub_002.jpg

How does this happen?

Any help is appreciated,

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Re: Brush hub motor repair question

That looks ugly!

It appears that the magnets have unglued themselves from the inner part. Normally the magnets are attached to the part removed to take the picture (the part with the brushes).

Bad glue?

You can glue them back on with high temp epoxy or something like Gorilla glue. You have to get the surfaces very clean before gluing.

The magnets have to be properly aligned with the brush plate. You might be able to see remnants of the glue where they were originally. Without knowing the polarity, you'd have a 50/50 chance the motor will run backward after gluing the magnets. If this happens, simply reverse the motor wires.

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