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Latest Report from LiFeBATT

Tom in Sandia Laboratory, New Mexico told us today that our 40138 cell has already passed 2000 cycles at 4C rating @ 1.5 minutes. He expects our battery to last 10,000 cycles or more, and it still works great! He can't write the report yet, because the life cycle test is not finished, but he will tell people who have interest to know right now. Report is due out when the cells go dead. This might take some time! We don't mind at all. If anyone has a need to verify this news, write me and I can give you Tom's phone number at Sandia Labs.

Our cells have already passed all the destructive testing and other tests that Sandia typically applies to battery cell testing. Tom said that these cells are by far the best performing they have tested yet in their laboratory. A manufacturer in China by the name of AA Power sent him a pack to test and it went kaput before 300 cycles in testing.

This also means our LiFeBATT cells will also work extremely well for "storage applications", so those of you who have Telco contacts, start spreading the word! Solar will also work well with our cells. We are planning a major revision of the LiFeBATT website, in about two weeks. Please visit us then to see the latest developments: Our new 1210C Hard Packs will be available in early February and we will have complete specs on these packs on the new website. We continue to support Bob & Gary in their e-bike packs and have granted them an exclusive LiFeBATT Distributorship in the U.S. for these products. You will shortly find their offering on their website:

Also, LiFeBATT, Taiwan is preparing a " New Products Announcement Ceremony" this month in the Taipei world trade center for all our potential customers, some big potential investors and the Industral Development Bureau (IDB) of theTW Government. It will be the first debut of our "GlobeTRAC" gsm system worldwide. This technology event will be opened to the public and shall get the attention of the world media. We will also install a LiFeBATT system on a vehicle and let customers have the "seeing is believing" experience.

Don Harmon

Don Harmon
Last seen: 9 years 2 months ago
Joined: Saturday, October 20, 2007 - 17:15
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Re: Latest Report from LiFeBATT

I just received this email today from Sandia Labs as an Update:

LifeBatt Testing Update:
After receiving your LiFeBatt cells in November of 2007, I began a limited test procedure to evaluate performance. The testing included the following:

1) Capacity measurements at 1C (10A) rate.
Results: Capacity was within specification

2) Ohmic resistance measurement
Results: Resistance was within specification

3) Float current tests
Results: 3.5 volts was selected as float voltage, float current was measured at 0.003A.

4) Ragone Plot from cell capacity measurements at 0.1C, 0.2C, 1C, 2C, 4C, 10C
Results: The Ragone plot looked good - power roll over was at about 1000 W/l, or 600 W/kg

5) Spectral Impedance
Results: The ESR was consistent with the ohmic measurements. The results will be compared with the end of life after cycle testing.

6) Over Charge Abuse Test at 1C rate to 12V
Results: Cell vented at 111C at 11V - Open-circuit at 120C - No fire - Max Temp was 160C

7) 1C Capacity at temperature -40C, -20C, 0C, 25C, 35C
Results: Capacity at -40C is very low (0.3 Ah), -30C ( 4.7 Ah), -20C (6.3 Ah), 0C (7.3 Ah), 25C (9.8 Ah), and 35C (10.4 Ah) Recharge for -20C and lower is very slow.

8) Cell Utility Cycle Test - This test is at 50% SOC and the cell is charged and discharged at the 4C (40A) rate for 1.5 min.

Results: The cell will cycle nearly 1000 cycles before reaching the end voltage of 3.65V, then capacity is measured. At present, the cell is approaching 5,000 cycles. Capacity is slowly fading. Operating temperature is about 30C.

Test results look good

Sandia National Labs
Power Sources Development Dept.

Don Harmon

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