Need help with new Zapino

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So I got my new Zapino today. After the hours of unpacking and dismounting, I put it all together and drove it to it's resting place for the night. This really just entailed putting on the mirrors and getting all the bubble tape off. Otherwise, it was a cinch to set up..

Well, I hooked it up to the charger and left it charging for about 4 hours. So I went out later tonight to go on a late night ride, and unplugged the charger (said it was fully charged). I put the key in and tried to go... and nothing.. Jawdropping!

So for countless hours of cursing into the cold Northern Virginia air and checking fuses and battery connections.. I got nothing.. Does it really have to end this way? I can't figure out what happened.. Does anyone think there might be a short somewhere? Would the freezing air affect it? I don't have a garage so it is staying outside underneath a waterproof motorcycle tarp.. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Re: Need help with new Zapino

Hi, again. Yeah, sounds simple to set up.

Do you have a multimeter and did you check the battery voltage?

I assume when you turn it on it that it appears turned on? er.. that didn't come out right. What I mean is that the bike appears to turn on. e.g. my EVT 4000 makes a series of beeps and the headlights turn on, the dash lights turn on, etc. Something like this happens?

Freezing air - well, batteries don't handle cold very well. I'm sure you've heard how Alaskans or Canadians go to all sorts of lengths to keep the engines and batteries warm, right? But as a former resident of N.Virginia I don't remember it being like Canada, and I just checked the weather underground and your temperature isn't that bad. Not cold enough to make the batteries freeze up, that is. The tarp should be fine.

What you said so far doesn't give much clue what might be wrong. Unfortunately we don't have many Zapino owners on the site.


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Re: Need help with new Zapino

How many flash diagnosis light on Panel ?

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Re: Need help with new Zapino


I'm just going to take a shot in the dark if that's ok, please forgive if some of this seems redundant. I'm kind of a novice and am just approaching it from that angle.
1. Do you have power to the lights, instruments? If not, check the breaker on the batteries. Is it on?
2. If you have power to them, flip the key off and on a few times. Then see if you have power to the motor.
3. If you still have nothing, flip the batt breaker and the key switch to off. Then find the lone red wire from your controller, (not the red positive battery cable) and disconnect it for about a minute. This will reboot your controller.
4. After reconnecting, flip the batt breaker and key switch to on and see what you get. I've heard the controller does that kind of thing, sometimes after a charge.

Is the diagnostic light flashing at all?


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Re: Need help with new Zapino

I had a similar problem when i first got my emax.
Do you hear the main contactor(s) engage when u turn the key? (is there a clikcing sound)?
If there isnt, you will have to work backwards from there.
On most scooters, the main contactor is opened when the stand is lowered or one of the brakes is pulled, among other things. my experience was that the switch on the brake lever would sometimes stick.

hope this was helpful



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