Expensive goodies at the ZAP site...

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Expensive goodies at the ZAP site...

Have you seen the latest eye-candy over at ZAP?

The ZAP Alias: http://www.zapworld.com/electric-vehicles/electric-cars/zap-alias At $30K it's expensive - until you compare it's performance figures with a Boxster...

And of course, it's big brother the ZAP-X is looking as hypothetically appealing as ever: http://www.zapworld.com/electric-vehicles/electric-cars/zap-x (same deal, expensive at $60K but claimed performance figures to rival the fastest, and priciest, of the ICE competition)

Of course, whether they actually deliver on any of this hype remains to be seen. The X is designed in conjunction with Lotus (did you know that LOTUS actually stands for "Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious"? ;-) ). No mention of who designed the Alias - it claims to use the same PML in wheel motors used by the X and prototyped in the famous 640HP Mini (which is a PHEV): http://www.stefanoparis.com/piaev/pml-mini/pml-mini.html

ZAP have been promising the Obvio! for a while now (a Brazilian designed micro-car) - but it still has a delivery date TBD. I sure hope they come through with all these goodies - but I just wish they'd provide a little more info and a little less hype.

Man, I just wish us DIY folks could get hold of some of those PML motors!!! Oh boy would that be fun!!!!!!

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Re: Expensive goodies at the ZAP site...


Notice how they're asking for a $5000 deposit? And how many years into the future will they deliver this vehicle? gaaaah!

Any idea what significance 'Request for Quotation' has? Highway Electric Car Project for ZAP, China Youngman Initiates RFQ

Coincidentally I was in Micro Center last night idly looking at this portable battery pack meant to provide extra juice for portable devices. And it sank in, there was this familiar ZAP logo on the box. In 2004 ZAP bought a large portion of a lithium-ion battery maker in China which seemed like it would be a good move to get them to have lithium battery EV's, but all it's meant is these portable charging devices. Hurm.

And did anybody beside me notice zapworld's new website design is based on Drupal? ;-)

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Re: Expensive goodies at the ZAP site...

That is SEXY.

Isn't quite mainstream style, but THAT is more how an EV SHOULD look. Are you listening, designers?

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Re: Expensive goodies at the ZAP site...

Compared to many of the electric highway legal cars coming out the Zap X seems the most logical. Compared to the Tesla Roadster which uses 6000+ batteries and a 2 speed transmission. As well as designing the car from the ground up. Those three things would stand in your way as a car company to be. The less proven technologies n the car the less likely its going to work the first try.

Zap went with Altair Nanosafe batteries which is probably the most sure fire thing in lithium cells at the moment. They already have Zap Xebras running around with them going 150miles a charge. Then Zap used the PML drive system which is off the shelf and takes care of your motors and controllers.

Then the chassis is a chassis Lotus built for the world market. Basically an off the shelf chassis if there can be such a thing. Lotus's engineering CEO went over to the board of directors of Zap to oversee the project.

The only faltering point is the manufacturer the Youngman group. They currently make public transportation and luxery coaches. We will see if China can make a 60k car for American tastes.

Tthe public would eat up a sporty 7 seater that costs 60k and can go 350 miles a charge compared to a 2 seater that costs 100k and only (ha) goes 250 miles.

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