How fast is too fast?

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Re: How fast is too fast?

Sometimes I get so irritated especially the ones who talk on their cell phones without a headset

I've seen much worse. Makeup, messing with crap in the backseat, eating...

That is so annoying lol
I love it when they are doing that and then they come up on a tight turn and the reaction on their faces lmao. DOH!

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Re: How fast is too fast?

How fast is too fast? When the debris you used to avoid become the debris you just ran over. Anything over 35 mph and I start thinking about cheap, out of balance tires, axle nut torque, and hoping to not end up in a video clip on And that's another thing, what's with the idiots that think its cute to honk as they speed by? And if you get a glimpse of them they're having the best chuckle fest ever. That is until you put that speed to use and catch up to them and they all get this stupid quizzical look like - did that scare you?. One last tidbit. I use a small magnetic flasher when I ride at night. I'm sure it's probably illegal cause its a little star that flashed red, white and blue. There cheap to buy and they're maybe between 1/2 -3/4 of and inch across. I just let it stick to the frame below my light. This little gizmo is a witch. I have not had anybody even come close to pulling out since I've been using it. Before, people you think and hope see you might pull out a little more before stopping or even do a slow pullout until you pass. Not anymore. It's amazing how motorists are tuned into anything with red and blue flashing lights. I don't look like a cop, but everyone's reaction is to stop and assess. I haven't had anyone pull off the highway and I don't think I am causing more problems for motorists by having it. It takes a lot of the guesswork on what they are going to do. They stay put until I'm past them. It's amazing! I'm going to try it with different colors so I don't have the police impounding my impostor electric policesicle.

AAAAHhhhh haaaa haaa haaaa haaa, policeicle. Actually, I like the idea, but you've been lucky not to get pulled over yourself by the cops on the real policesicles. Could you perhaps send a picture of it?

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Re: How fast is too fast?

i go about 27 at top speed and have had issues with other bikers not thinking i am approaching that quickly. also a guy backed his car out of his driveway and then went forward and i was right next to him and scared the crap out of him. he thought he had pulled out right in front of a car or motorcycle or something.


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