Zapino hub motor carnage.

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Zapino hub motor carnage.

Ive had a few busted Zapinos come my way for repair and this is what I've found. Both Zapino's had horrible cogging problems. It sounds like there are gears broke on the hub but that cant be cause its not a geared motor. So I took the first motor apart to find the 3 mounts for the rotor where floating around in the motor. Apparently the bolts on the rotor are too long and they pushed the aluminum thread support right into the motor. This led to some serious winding damage. Ill take some pics when I get back to work. So Zapino owners check those rotor bolts. Make sure they don't bottom out.

The second scooter I took apart to find a no damage other then a single wire in the motor was cut. I'm going to reconnect it and see if the bike comes back to life. Again I'll post some pics when I get back in to work. This scooter had intermittent cogging problems.

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