"XB" Electric Bikes now with Longer Warranties

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"XB" Electric Bikes now with Longer Warranties

BaseStationZero now offers longer warranties for X-Treme's line of "XB" electric bikes;

Standard is now 90-days (was 30).
Extended is now 180-days (was 90).









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Re: "XB" Electric Bikes now with Longer Warranties

Hey AF...so xtreme is now offering these longer warranties? Just curious...

To anyone else reading this. I have the XB600...for 6 months now. Awesome scoot which has to date been very dependable!
And, bought mine via ArticFox (Base Station Zero) who provided great customer service!

Here's my experience with the XB600 so far....

Note: I took the chain off the scoot as soon as I got it...and have never put the pedals on...cause in my mind they just made it that way (as I've read other places) to make it legal in all states to ride in bike lanes, etc. That's why I call it a scooter rather than "e-bike") I don't think you could peddle it effectively anyway! And, I get sufficient power from the motor!

Longest ride has been about 21 miles. I usually ride about 3-5 miles at a time. But I wanted to test things a bit so one weekend I just kept riding till I was VERY TIRED of riding...and that was the 21 miles. The battery meter barely dropped even at 21 miles. Of course once the indicator on any electric scoot begins to drop...well it then usually drops pretty quickly into the "red." But, my guess is that I could have ridden at least 5-7 more miles...and perhaps more than that.

No problems to date...except a flat tire which was my fault...running over a wire staple in the roadway. Easy fix by tube replacement. I did patch the old one and used it while I was waiting on the new tube to arrive.

I get about 20-23 mph (using bike computer to measure) on the flats...under the scooter's power...and have been as fast as 30-32 mph downhill, etc. I weigh (small adult) 120 about...but I find that several pounds more on a scooter doesn't really make a big difference in max speed...perhaps range..but not speed.

I ride every week...a few days...mostly short trips (2-3 miles).

I love this scooter (X-bike) and hope to ride it for many, many more miles!

Would love for any other XB-600 owners, or the other models, to post here with their experiences!



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