discharging batteries

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discharging batteries

I recently posted to another place on the forum about doing a range test on my XB600...since I generally only ride 2-5 miles max since I've had it. Anyway, someone commented that wasn't good to completely (to a crawl) discharge the batteries as I did with my range test...that I "harmed" the batts doing that. But my understanding from the "experts" on here in battery stuff is that many, or routine, deep discharges are in fact bad....but that it's actually a good thing to bring the pack down to a deep discharge...at least once in a great while. Am I correct about this?


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Re: discharging batteries

Yeah, something about "conditioning" them is even recommended for the first few cycles. If you routinely discharge them 100%, they won't last very long, but an occasional deep discharge is fine. The only way you could damage them through deep discharging is if you run them completely into the ground, e.g. you ride them dead, and then ride some more or leave the lights on or something.

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