Must have equipment.

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I wanted to get peoples ideas of what accessories are useful to have on their bikes, or what should be carried with you when you are out on your bike. Here is a list of some of the stuff I like to have along with me.

1) Tire patch kit.

2) Lock.

3) Bottle of water.

4) Lights front and back.

5) Windbreaker.

6) Warm cap/baseball cap.

7) Sunscreen.

I have a backpack loaded always ready to go, what do you guys do?

Thanks, Deron.

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Re: Must have equipment.

I noticed you carry a tire patch kit but you said nothing about a pump. I don't like the patch kits I always carry a spare tube and a CO2 air pump.

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Re: Must have equipment.

You MUST have just forgotten, but...

You didn't mention the Frappachino cup-holder!

That, plus a cell-phone so you can call for a ride from a Hummer-owner when the tire goes flat.

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Re: Must have equipment.

Cell phone for road emergencies.

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Re: Must have equipment.

Hey guys...go over and read what I just posted on my thread (XB600 range)...talking about flats and tips for those. Tell me what you think about my "carry a tube around the axle" idea.




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Re: Must have equipment.

My list is similar to yours. I carry a poncho rather than a windbreaker, and since most of my routes are urban I don't have to worry about carrying food or water.

- Leatherman multipurpose tool

- Multipurpose bike tool

- Bungee cords


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Re: Must have equipment.

The Leatherman is a good idea, I think I even have one laying around that I can throw in my pack.

I do have bungee's too, work out great when I end up getting something I can not carry in my backpack, I just strap it to the rack.

Of course with the tire patch kit, I do have a pump. Can usually fix a flat and be back on the road in ten minutes, beats walking the bike several miles home.

A couple of other items I have are sunglasses and some clear glasses. The clear glasses are good at night during the summer, when the bugs are out. Been hit in the face before, sure would hate to get one in the eye.


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Re: Must have equipment.

For me these are the important carry-along things:
spare tube
adjustable wrench
multitool with screwdrivers and allen wrenches.

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