PakTrakr Data Noise

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PakTrakr Data Noise

Some of you may have also found what I did when using the PakTrakr ES1R data recorder or the ES1 along with the optional current sensor. Under heavy acceleration my PakTrakr display (the actual PakTrakr display as well as my display) would go nuts and give crazy readings and then when the current load eased up on the pack the displays would come back to normal. On a hunch the other day I was ordering some stuff from Jameco and decided to give some of these a try:

I just snapped them on the cables on each side of the ES1R serial connector. One on the ES1R cable between where it connects to the PakTrakr and the serial connector. I put another one on the cable coming from the current sensor, about 4 inches from where the current sensor plugs into the ES1R. Immediately all the noise went away and the data was completely clean, no matter how hard I accelerated. If I removed either one of the two Jameco EMI suppressors then the data started to pick up garbage again under heavy acceleration, and if I removed both of them it went back to being REALLY bad. As long as I leave both EMI suppressors snapped onto the cables the data is completely clean. Anyway, if you have any garbage noise in the data you are collecting on your PakTrakr ES1 or ES1R units, invest the $1.98 for a couple of those EMI suppressors. They work GREAT!!!!!!!!


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Re: PakTrakr Data Noise

Thanks for that tip. Do you think that system of EMI suppressor would work to reduce overall EMI emissions for a scooter I am making. Currently it doesn't pass the European Standards for EMI emission and the DC/DC converter seems to be where the EMI emissions are coming from. ANy thoughts at all on this would be a big help! Thanks.

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