EV humorious quotes!

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Here are some humorious quotes, from an EV importers web site. Please, share ones you have found.


What happens if you weigh 180 lbs and you carry a passenger that weighs 110 lbs? The total weigh will be 290 lbs and the scooter will still reach 45 MPH, but it will take longer to reach top speed.


This controller will be a 200 amp peak power controller with a .05 second throttle response time with a built in heat sensor that will lower the amperage automatically should it reach a temperature that may damage either the motor or the controller and will not leave you stranded unless you weigh 300 lbs and are driving full throttle continuous in the Sahara Desert in the Summer or you try to climb a mountain where even a Harley has problems climbing.


We are now testing a regenerating system for lead acid batteries that if proven true, will increase the deep cycle life span of the batteries from the usually 250 to 300 cycle range stated by the battery manufacturer to 900 cycles or more. What this means is that a battery which was expected to have a life span that at most was 300 (deep cycle) charges (and the last 100 or more at a greatly reduced capacity) would now have at least 900 charges at almost full capacity.

There you have three, please, share more if you have them.



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Re: EV humorious quotes!

From Yesa's website:


"(5).Do not connect the positive pole and the negative pole directly, may short circuit and cause danger."

It might? There's a chance of it shorting out if you short out the poles? No, rly? :P

There's some notes on there too about not accelerating hard from a stop that will be blatantly ignored, methinks }:).


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