Motorbike Conversion

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Motorbike Conversion

Hey all,

I just remembered that I still have some Honda motorbike frame hidden away somewhere. Gonna scratch around for it tomorrow. After reading and seeing so many conversions, I'm really excited to give it a bash myself.

When the bike was in relative running condition:

After the engine broke (piston and sleeve scratched more than a cat's scratch post):

It looks nice and spacious in there :). The original engine power was around 1.5kW so I want to use this figure as a minimum. Should I go for more?


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Re: Motorbike Conversion

Mo' = Betta'


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Re: Motorbike Conversion

Go for more power!!! The bike will probably be tipping the scales at around 100kg by the time you have finished the conversion, 2HP will barely move it. Personally I would stick a nice big ETEK or something similar in there and watch it fly!!!


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Re: Motorbike Conversion

Should I go for more?

How fast do you want to go?

[url=/forum-topic/motorcycles-and-large-scooters/587-my-kz750-electric-motorcycle-project]KZ750 Motorcycle Conversion[/url]
[url=/forum-topic/motorcycles-and-large-scooters/588-fixing-my-chinese-scooter]900 watt scooter[/url]
Pic from http://www.electri

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Re: Motorbike Conversion

Ought to make a cool conversion. I'd think an eTek would drive it just fine.

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