General Electric invests in electric carmaker Think

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General Electric invests in electric carmaker Think

Industrial giant General Electric has invested approximately $4 million into Think Global, the Norwegian company that specializes in electric town cars.

The investment exists, in part, to aid another investment by GE in lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems. GE has invested $20 million into A123, which is working with General Motors on the Chevy Volt. Think, which has been getting its lithium-ion batteries from a company called EnerDel, has now signed a deal to also get batteries from A123....

They're currently only selling cars in Norway, and it's just the city car they had been selling before. Think has a checkered history having nearly gone bankrupt a couple times, spent awhile being owned by Ford. IIRC Think had been planning to use the Tesla battery pack, until Tesla had a change of mind about OEM'ing battery packs to other vehicle makers. It would be fair to assume Think will be using the A123 batteries instead.

The same article mentions a new car from Think, the Ox.!NK-Ox It doesn't give range/speed spec's ... it's a 5-seater.

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