Possible charger for bank charging..?

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Possible charger for bank charging..?

Is anybody familiar with the quality of the Schumacher chargers?

I was at Orchard Supply (hardware store chain) this afternoon and looked at the chargers. They carry the Schumacher brand, and Schumacher has a 12v 3A charger that's in a nicely small box. Curiously they also sell a 1.5A charger in the same size box. Anyway it's small enough it could be feasible to strap five of them together to carry on a motorcycle...

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Re: Possible charger for bank charging..?

Has anyone tried the Schumacher SC-600A? It is a 2/4/6 Amp charger like the B&D Vector VEC1086


Available for $21.99 at http://claudesplace.com/r-552262/m-Tools/b-552352/a-B000H94F6E/Store.aspx

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