My dilema regarding electric scooters.

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My dilema regarding electric scooters.

1 ) Im in the uk , so not much choice

2 ) Lack of resources , though i found a local dealer that stocks powabyke and sakura electric scooters and bikes I dont know much about them.

3 )Im disabled so Im bit concerned about supporting the weight of the bike , but moreso about the kickstand and trying to push off , I'm not sure if there any way round this .

4 ) I live in first floor flat so I really cant use an extension cable unless I get an outlet outside to plug into , some folk like these 2 makes claim to have " portable chargers " but I dont understand why its portable if the batteries sealed any way.

5 ) The license , I could get provisional CBT as their called here but the scooter doesnt travel far enough to get me to the required test location , and extra batteries are obviously pointless given I their sealed.

6 ) After its all said and done it seem I might just as well be going for an electric bike but , and this is another question , Im wondering( because I dont see it ) if theres any that might even allow for faster speeds off road i.e. different modes or speed settings.

And how ( I dont know how this works in the uk ) it works in the us ? i.e. can you use a bike that can go faster than the speed limits ?

I live in quite rural part of the Highlands in Scotland so theirs lot of off road places so forth - hence my interest , as it is theres lot of twits on the road on reg bikes doing abnormal speed limits so I thinking maybe 10 mph difference here and there on certain stretches of road would prob go unseen too.

I know the ego can go up 25 mph or something and fits that description but its mileage is bad from what I see 10 miles if that .

On final note I'd like to also ask what the vibrations on electric scooter are like compared to gas ?

thanks again , sorry about all the questions :)


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