Commuter 3500 Controller for EVT Z and R bikes

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Commuter 3500 Controller for EVT Z and R bikes

The NOVA Scooter 3500 Controller has tested on a EVT America Z-20A. The Z-20 motor has a bad yellow HAL sender and needs to be replaced before it can be road tested.

Pictures of the defective controller can be seen at

The complete Commuter 3500 Controller and Motor have been installed and are undergoing road testing today. The 3500 provides 1,000 watts more power than the stock EVT America motor and controller and is road proven from previous testing by Nova Scooter.

More info and videos will be available tomorrow at

Pre-order discounts for the first shipment of controllers and/or motors close a week from today March 17'th and our V member discount code for an additional 10% off still stands.

Email info [at] for the discount code required at checkout or for more information.

Thank You.

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