crystal power, so to speak

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crystal power, so to speak

I was wondering about Piezo transformers. They make small ones for various things. Now with man made pieces, can't we make one big enough to get a decent charge of voltage? maybe we can get a transformer designed big enough to run a dc motor? I know there is no free energy and you need some energy to make things go, but this would produce a high voltage from a squeeze. not sure if it could lessen the battery power needed to create the same volts we want to run. but since we can use man made parts, we can make them bigger or use more of them together?

started checking out this kind of design for the voltage, but isnt enough to run with, although the charger on this page is cool.

maybe even just get a charger like this for replenishing the batteries? hehe

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Re: crystal power, so to speak

I think the problem is actually what would make it viable: a crystal big enough. I'm not sure, but it's likely that a crystal that big would break if you tried to get any voltage out of it.

However, there are other piezoelectric materials. I've seen (but for some reason can't find now) a set of really nice looking speakers that were little more than two sheets of glass (one in the middle of the other) actuated by a piece of piezoelectric rubber. I don't know how efficient it is, but you might be able to make a piece big enough to charge a battery.

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