"Batteries never die, they are murdered"

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"Batteries never die, they are murdered"

On the Xebra_EV list someone referred to this posting: EV DIARY - Part Two- WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR COTTAGE INDUSTRY? .. it's an interesting indictment of the Zivan charger.

The guy says a) most EV owners are using the Zivan charger, and b) the Zivan charger often gets into a situation of thinking the batteries still need charging, but using a multimeter you see the batteries are overcharged in the danger zone. And, as we've discussed here, the overcharged batteries die quickly.

An EV owner whose batteries die early probably is going to be frustrated and their complaining might turn off others from buying EV's.

This is curious because I'd understood the Zivan is supposed to be completely programmable. So isn't it operator error then that the user is not correctly programming their charger?

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Re: "Batteries never die, they are murdered"

The Zivan is hard programed from the factory, or at least that's what I've seen. Mine has a little selector to select the end pulsing current, and what the current tapers to in the 2nd stage. The pulsing stage (final stage) is worthless for me, and might have caused problems. If I just had a standard CC/CV charger, I might of been ok with just the powercheqs.

Maybe the Xebra charger also pulses? From what I understand, the charger pulses, and measures the voltage change, and won't shut off until the voltage change is at a predefined level. Mine would stay on for hours doing this when the batteries were all fully charged. Maybe this is good for cell equalization with no battery balancing system for AGMs. But it has been established fairly well that charging more than 6 cells in series is a bad approach without battery balancing.

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