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newbie searching for advice

Springs around the corner,my ebike interests are waxing again . Not to mention gas hovering around 4 bucks. I'm hoping to get good advice on a setup that fits my needs[wants=) . Originally I was into the non ebike looking Izip enlightened line, then the bionx system ,but they are both 'sealed' applications that aren't modifiable.
My commute: I will ride almost 20mls a day mostly flat with 2 steepish 300 yard climbs . I'll be mostly riding offroad on paved bike trails so want a set up that can do 30mph with pedaling . I am looking for a system with Nimh, cad or a deal on lith to reduces LBS .I see many similar systems out there ,Journey, Golden Eagle, Wilderness.... I not partial to any brand yet but Crystalyte looks like a solid performer. Are there lesser known brands with identical traits for cheaper?
Someone advised me on going with the highest volts on the hub 1st even if its underpowered to start with as its the cheapest upgrade .Good advice? Just took another look at some 'crank drives' "like " ,although somewhat noisy it is simple and lite weight and seems to assist at any speed depending on your rear gears,and with a ton of torque for hills here in the NW. Also anybody got info on StokeMonkey? Are there others ? Anyone know prices? Love some 1st hand pros/cons. PEACE

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Re: newbie searching for advice

Here is one other kit you may want to consider.

Cyclone USA
Cyclone Taiwan

Grandpa Chas S.

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