Announcement on power-assist from LifeBATT

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Announcement on power-assist from LifeBATT

It is a fact that I have promoted our LiFeBATT product on this and other
forums for quite awhile now because I believe we have a better quality
product to offer the American consumer. I have no apology for doing this
and since most of you seem to feel it is now objectionable, LiFeBATT will no
longer post to these forums. I am sure this will be music to the ears of
some of our more vocal critics - you know who you are. In leaving I want to
say that we have no axe to grind with the e-bike community and in fact hope
that some of you can appreciate what we came to offer. LiFeBATT will grow
and prosper in the coming years, and will be building new factories here in
the U.S. in the future. We plan to help build America into the future,
providing jobs and employment to American cities and put American workers
back into the game with their incredible skills and creativity. These plans
are now in the works and we have the backing of our Taiwanese partners to
make this happen in the next few years.


There's more, and read it further at the link above.

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