Insurance and all that fun stuff

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Insurance and all that fun stuff

Summer is soon aproaching, and for me that means considering a summer job.

Now, normally that means working at mcDonalds for minimum wage, waring a stupid uniform, and getting all pimply from grease. Plus having your soul eaten away by having a crappy no-fun job to boot. However I've been thinking of ways to avoud that and still make money in a legal way.

I discovered the BugE, figured building one and selling it at the sugested $500 profit might get me 3-4 weeks worth of McDonalds, and could be done in about 1 week. Pretty good deal if you ask me. So recently I've been thinking seriousely about what it would take to do it, and one thing that springs to mind is contracts and insurance.

Mainely to prevent people from suing me. I will need to protect myself from somone who smacks it into a tree and then sues me for that. Or somone who exeeds the vehicals limitations by driving too fast or off road and ends up braking it. I know this will require a contract written by a lawyer who specializes in these types of things (the usual "the panufacture is not responsible for you smaking it into a building" sort of thing) and liability insurance in case a suet gets through.

But I'm probably missing something and would like to know from people who have sold home built EVs what they do about this issue.

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