Building integrated solar energy project launched by Southern Cal Edison

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Building integrated solar energy project launched by Southern Cal Edison

Here's something we need more of: California utility to spread 'solar power plant' across rooftops .. the idea is there are lots of flat rooftops on warehouses and office buildings the like which could be home to solar panels. SCE plans to build a distributed system of solar panel installations on these kind of rooftops, and the goal over the next five yrs is to have 250 MW of generation capacity.

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Re: Southern Cal Edison

I have been thinking if they could somehow incorporate the solar panels into the roofing system, it would be killing two birds with one stone. That means you no longer have the added expense of installation and repair of a regular roof.

All of sudden a photovoltaic system makes more sense.


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Re: Southern Cal Edison

Ovonics, solar photovoltaic shingles. They also make a flexible panel to fit standing seam roofing panels. Despite promises made in who killed the electric car, they cost twice as much as silicon panels at the moment. Kinda like lifepo4 prices.

If we had been serious about solar energy 10 years ago, building codes could have been requiring a small photovoltaic collector on every new house built. Even as small as 400 watts on every roof built in the last ten years would have been a huge number by now. I think if you can afford 3000 square feet of house, you should be required to put some collectors on the roof. Economy housing no, mansions yes.

I can't think of a better place to put solar panels than a warehouse roof, unless its my roof. Just send money and I'll do it tomorrow!

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