License plate mounting

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License plate mounting

Just got my plate today and can't figure out how to mount the thing. The holes on the plate don't seem to line up with the bolts below the break light on my z-20b. Anybody else find this a problem?

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Re: License plate mounting

Yes, the holes don't line up perfectly. I used one of the existing bolts then put my own bolt through the ovoid hole at the top and my license plate hole. It's not perfectly centered, but it works fine.

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Re: License plate mounting

Yes, I had the same challenge.
I was going to use my dremel, and carefully grind the holes so they were slots, and fit.
But I got impatient, took some tin snips, and did it the quick way :-)
I cut the holes so they were about 1/2" wide, and it fits fine now.

I used some bolts, with lock washers and nuts. But I'm going to get some plastic license plate fasteners, as they are less likely to come loose, and won't rust out.

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