Help with BD36 Brushed Motor

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Help with BD36 Brushed Motor

I installed a BD36 volt brushed kit on my 90 year old father in laws Miami Sun Adult Trike about 2.5 years ago.
Gramps uses the bike 6 days a week pulling his golf bag/cart about 3 miles to his golf club.
At the time I went with the brushed motor for the additional torque so Gramps wouldn't need to pedal the bike.
About 3 months ago I notice the range decreased significantly and replaced the batteries.
That helped a lot, but now the motor is making a loud almost grinding sound.
I'm guessing the brushes are shot and need to be replaced.
As some of you have noticed, it can be a challenge to get help from WE...
So I thought I'd post here and see if anyone else can help.

Also - I see the new brushless motor has about the same torque as the brushed motor.
Would it make sense to just upgrade to a new motor and controller??
Keeping in mind that Gramps really can't pedal much - so the motor needs to do it all for him.



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Re: Help with BD36 Brushed Motor

I think you should be happy you were able to get as much use from the brushed motor as gramps did. I would upgrade to the brushless motor and add a small battery pack in parallel with the one on the bike to increase his range. If you are running at 36-volts using lead acid batteries adding a small 36-volt pack in parallel should be easy. I would get 3 of the small 12-volt 7 AH batteries and add them to give that extra range gramps may need. The charger you have should be fine to charge both packs in parallel. Just remember to connect the batteries in buddy pairs for better balance between the 2 packs. Here is an example of buddy pair wiring:
Grandpa Chas S.

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Re: Help with BD36 Brushed Motor

Nick, I'm not sure what kind of brushes the BD36 takes, but I noticed that a hardware store named True Value carries a variety of motor brushes. Maybe check with another hardware store if you don't have one of them. You could probably take the motor apart and just replace the brushes if you can find the same ones, or file them down to the right size if they are not a perfect fit.

I think it is a waste of money to have to switch out the motor and controller just because the brushes are going.

Also, if the motor bearings are worn and if that is what's making the grinding noise, than those can be replaced too. If you can get a number off them than you can easily get a direct replacement from an industrial supplier. Otherwise, they can be taken to the supplier for a replacement.

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Re: Help with BD36 Brushed Motor

Thanks for the tips!

I think I'll try replacing the brushes and bearings first as that will be the cheapest solution.
If that fails then I'll upgrade.

I'll post again with my results.

Thanks again!


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