emtb.com.au downhill bikes with E hubs

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emtb.com.au downhill bikes with E hubs

Hi all,
My name is Bryan, and i am new to the E bike world. I do alot of cycling and would love to have an E bike to ride this summer.

I have been looking in to www.emtb.com.au looks like fun. I have an Orange patriot that i would like to power up. looks like finding a place to put the batteries is going to be a tuff part.

any sugestions on things to look out for when using a 2kw rear hub motor, would be appreciated. also do you think that the LiFePO4 batteries would work well in this application?
thanks again

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Re: emtb.com.au downhill bikes with E hubs

That site looks real good - there is an interesting note at the bottom of the page ...

“If a vehicle has a power output of more than 200 watts, it is considered to be a motor vehicle so it must be registered to be driven on public roads.”

All E-MTB kits are rated at well above the legal limit for vehicles to be ridden on the road. The kits are designed for off road use only so we strongly advise you do not to ride them on public roads. If you decide to do it anyway, then check out the penalities for doing so …. This might change your mind.

LiFePO4? That power level is pretty significant. These batteries have much better power to weight and are much better especially for bicycles. Just take care that the battery has enough discharge capacity to handle the load you're planning to run.

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