Fuel cells for toys

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Fuel cells for toys

I came across an article on CNET Here come the bite-size fuel cells about a company, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies ... they're making a range of fuel cell's and related gizmos and it appears you can actually buy them.

Interesting thing is they're looking at the Radio Controlled 'toy' market as a way to get some fuel cells into the world and in peoples hands. They have a $1500 kit (eye bulging, yes) that can plug into a standard widely available RC car and can drive the car for over an hour versus the 15 minute run time for NiMH.

Yeah, it's expensive, but is a step towards this being more widely available.

They also have a $115 toy car with a portable fueling station. I just couldn't stop myself and I should have one of those in my hands by the weekend. For it apparently uses a balloon for the fuel tank...

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Re: Fuel cells for toys

I think it would be a neat gadget.

They don't list the electrical energy content of the 20L H2 tank using the fuel cell. For their cheapest fuel cell system with a flow of .22 l/min and generating 13w at peak, the 20L tank will provide 19.7 whrs. Not too great, but you can "charge" it instantly. That's something that can't be done with a battery.

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