Removing Currie Screw-On Sprocket From Wheel

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Removing Currie Screw-On Sprocket From Wheel

I have a brand new 12 1/2" rear-wheel/tire assembly and I'd like to remove the stock 90T screw-on sprocket and replace it with a free-wheel hub.

Anyone have a good method to remove this and still have usuable parts? Since it's never been used, I thought I'd have the best chance of separating them now.

I recall seeing an article or post many months ago that talked about this, I think. I can't remember where I saw it or how to find it again. Anyone know the link?

Appreciate any and all of your ideas,


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Re: Removing Currie Screw-On Sprocket From Wheel

Put a little heat on the gear with a propane torch, but not too much. then use a strap wrench either bought or home made and that should get it. Worked for me, twice!Strap_Wrench_3C.jpg

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