Need Help Modding a Razor Mx500 dirt bike.

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Need Help Modding a Razor Mx500 dirt bike.

I was wondering if it was possible to make my mx500 go any faster thatn 18 mph, and if it was possible to replace the on/off switch with an ignition.

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Re: Need Help Modding a Razor Mx500 dirt bike.

The stock motor is a tight fit in that bike, but many people, including myself, have modified the frame to run a larger motor. That requires a great deal of fabrication. People have made those bikes go over 30 MPH! The easiest way to get more speed is to run the stock motor at 48 volts by adding one battery and a replacing the 36 volt controller with a 48 volt one from TNC Scooters. The brushes may wear out faster, but unless you are very heavy, the motor should be able to take 48 volts without burning up. If you don't ride it much in the dirt or up a lot of hills, you can also change the gearing as well to a slightly taller gear ratio. That gets you more top end, but sacrifices torque and acceleration. You should be able to get up to 22MPH at 48 volts with stock gearing. At 36 volts, it goes more like 16 MPH. The pocket bike forum has more threads about modifying these bikes.

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