Testing 36v15ah pingping pack

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Testing 36v15ah pingping pack

I'm now up to three packs from pingping. The third was a bit of an ebay mistake as I only have two bicycles. Anyway it's a 36v15ah pack. I'd previously done testing on my Electra, w/ WE 36v BD motor w/ 35A controller. With a pingping 36v10ah pack it was easy to get the pack to cut out at high throttle. Since the 15ah pack has higher ratings I'd hoped it would be able to handle this controller.

The ratings are:-

Rated voltage: 36v, Fully charged: 45v
Capacity: 15ah
Suggested load: 450 watts, Max: 600 watts.

Charging voltage: 46.8, Current: 5A
Rated discharge current: 15A
Max continuoous discharge: 30A
Max discharge: 45A
Cut-off: 35A

By the specs the cutoff should be high enough to handle this controller on this bike.

However I took it out for a ride this morning and had the pack cut out a few times during the ride. Each time it was at 20-25A discharge.

However I haven't done any charge/discharge cycles on this pack, it had simply been charged up and then used on this ride. Others have said Ping recommends a few charge/discharge cycles.

So this afternoon I had it discharging on a dummy load at a 1.8A rate. The voltage held steady at 39.8v for several hours and it discharged over 5AH.

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