BattEQ 60 volt Equalizer NEW

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BattEQ 60 volt Equalizer NEW

NovaScooters was provided the BEQ-LA-5-50 prototype 5 battery BattEQ that a lot of people have been waiting for.

Smart Spark provided the unit for testing and comparison to the old unit which was a 6 battery EQ modified for 5 battery use by Smart Spark Energy.

The prototype is being tested against the old 6 battery mod unit on 200 silicone batteries and the results look good, real good.

The prototype has one yellow fault LED for each of the batteries and the typical green LED that pulses every 2 seconds to indicate EQ is functioning.

More to come soon...

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Re: BattEQ 60 volt Equalizer NEW


When will these become available? And how much will they cost?


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