EMini DC-DC converter Hook Up

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EMini DC-DC converter Hook Up

Hi All

I have been converting a 1968 Mini to electric for about 12 months and im now installing the DC to Dc converter and Im unsure where to put it in the system. Here is my system details.

I am running the following components
- Netgain Impulse 8 motor
- Zilla 72-156V 1000amp
- Tyco Kilvac LEV 200 contactor
- Iota DLS 55 dc to dc converter
- 144 volt system

All my components have been mounted in the car I am now wiring everything in. The Zilla controller manual says not to place a DC to DC converter parallel with it as it may interupt its start up procedure. Any advice would be much appreciated

Cheers Phill
Newcastle, Australia

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