electric lawn tractor

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electric lawn tractor

Hello all, looks like a very interesting site...
I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction with a project I'm working on..
I have a non working 12hp gas lawn tractor belt drive (sears) type.. I was planning on replacing the ice with a elctric motor from a pallet truck the motor is a prestolite mcp 4001 says 12v on it...( if anyone can tell me what the hp rating might be that would be great too) anyway if I put the elec motor in place and just have a switch to turn it on and off will this work? in place of a controller. the lawn tractor has a separate engagement for the drive and for the mower so I figured that the motor would just need to be turning at the right rpm.. then I would engage the drive and off i go. I think I can also over volt the motor too 24v or 36v..does this make some sense?

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Re: electric lawn tractor

I googled "electric tractor" and here's one of the more interesting links:


I'm not sure what the best throttle and controller set-up would be, but a simple on/off switch would probably jolt you very hard on start-up. Best of luck, and please post what arrangement you chose, and how it performs.

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