New 3-Wheeled TRIAC from Green Vehicles

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New 3-Wheeled TRIAC from Green Vehicles

Hi all,

Thought maybe I should post this in the car section instead of the bike section since although it is classified as a motorcycle, it really has more in common with a car.
Anyway, there is a new update about the vehicle along with a couple of pics.

Also, it sounds like they have a truck they are going to be selling as well.

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Re: New 3-Wheeled TRIAC from Green Vehicles

Nice - only 20K base... plus shipping to wherever you may happen to live. Of course, I'd hate to have to get service on it and ship it back.

I am glad to see companies making stabs at this market. I really do want a viable EV that I can take on 'real' roads and afford to buy. This isn't quite it yet, but at least there is progress...

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Re: New 3-Wheeled TRIAC from Green Vehicles

I see Thunderstruck Motors has a 72V LiFEPO4 Battery AC powered 3 wheel "car" at their website. No other info-must be a custom or prototype. Looks like a lot of fun.

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Re: New 3-Wheeled TRIAC from Green Vehicles

The Cycle Car was already noted here:

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Triac - Test Drive?

I live near San Jose, CA. I've been following the progress of the Triac since it's announcement back in 05/2008. I've been in contact with Pauline via telephone (she is the contact person at Green Vehicles). She originally told me that the Triac would be available to test drive after Oct 15. So, I called last week to see if I could stop by the showroom on a Saturday. (I work M-F). She laughed at me and told me that they are not open on weekends, they have no "showroom" where people could just "stop by" and the first available appointment to see the Triac is in December! Needless to say - I was disappointed. I was seriously interested in buying a Triac, but their lack of availability and the recent $3K increase in price has made me have 2nd thoughts...

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