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Jesse Mount
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Hello everyone, I have been doing extensive research for about a month now and have just ordered everything to start my electro bike project. I should start getting my shipments this friday. I will be documenting everything here to help others and get help along the way. Here are the things I have picked up for the project:

2001 Specialized HardRock Sport
500 watt golden motor kit from perfecteam
36v 20ah lifepo4 battery from pingbattery
Rear rack
waterproof rack trunk
liquid electric tape
dielectric grease
lithium grease
Digital Multimeter With 7

I believe I have everything I need for an all weather ebike. If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


goal: have an electo assisted trike converted to a velomobile by fall

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Re: Noob Project

As a fellow noob who just went through the same process, perhaps with less research, a few key points. If you are going front hub, it really is fussy about the fit in the dropouts. For me the issue was oversise washers that didn't fit the cup of the fork dropouts. I didn't pay attention, and in five minuites I had cut the wires, smoked the controller and the forks were ruined. What happened was the cup felt tight, but there was a gap hidden by the washer. The mechanical solution the bike found for this when ridden was for the dropouts to get bigger, and now the nut was loose, and the dropout was bent way oversize. If your bike has suspension forks, they must be steel on the dropout, and that type can be hard to find. The really cheap ones don't clear the motor hub and they go to aluminum on some pretty cheap bikes. The bike shop guys love it when I show up wanting weird heavyweight stuff for an e bike. They just about throw holy water on me a shout HERITC ! A guy with a store names bikestony on e bay has lots of forks but the first ones I ordered from him turned out to be aluminum. Go figure at 15 bucks. You will love your duct tape battery, but do protect it a bit somehow. Hopefully I won't regret using metal, but I found it easy to cut an aluminum cookie sheet and bend it into a bread pan looking tray to fit the battery perfect. It lets my battery cool quicker so I can start charging. And do wear a helmet, mine saved my life on wednesday when I went over the handlebars. You should see the dent in the helmet. Welcome to e biking, you are going to love it. That first ride you really do feel like Lance. I get a look or two on the bike paths but when I talk to guys and tell them how far up a big hill my ride is they think I'm pretty smart. My route takes me right past the Sam's club gas so it really is a delight to see em packed in there trying to get to a pump.


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36 volt sla schwinn beach cruiser
36 volt lifepo4 mongoose mtb
24 volt sla + nicad EV Global

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