Electric Vehicle show in Vancouver B.C Canada

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Electric Vehicle show in Vancouver B.C Canada


Just want to invite eveyone to the annual REV (ride electric vehicles) show in Vancouver on June 7th 2008. The REV2008 show will have EVs in all shapes and sizes including electric motorcycles (Like the Electricmoto Blade XT), electric bicycles, Electric cars/trucks (Ebox, S10 coverstions and others), NEVs (Dynasty it, Gem etc), scooters, skate boards, Race Karts (19kw with race slicks)............etc.

Check out the web site for more info................


Everyone is welcome, bring the kids and get a ride in the old detroit electric car.
The best part is that it's FREE.
All EVs, hybrid, alternate fuel vehicles welcome. Just come on down.
Leave a line or two on this post to let everyone know your coming.

Cheers Jurgen

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