EV Global E-Bike Problem

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EV Global E-Bike Problem

Have a 24-v system. Out of the blue, accelerator trigger stopped activating the motor. Lights, horn, status lights all work. Batteries show a full charge. Live in MN. Don't know where to start. No service in my state. Please help. I would be fixing the system myself. Private email responses are welcome.

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Re: EV Global E-Bike Problem

start with the basics i would, there's been a few postings here on evg controller issues I think that would all take electrical know-how that i am sure many members could assist with. but really i think the electrical systems on these bikes are just getting too old.

take off the side panel and check the connection from the throttle to the controller for starters. you can see it easy. you can also check the connection from the hub to the controller real quick, take a look inside the small plastic junction box that's stuck on to the rear frame for when you need to remove the rear wheel. its unlikely to be a problem with the motor.

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Re: EV Global E-Bike Problem

The resistor in the throttle could be bad. Can you measure accros it? It should be 5K from side to side and varying from 0 - 5 k in the middle to any of the side terminals. Otherwise, it is the controller. Mine died a month ago. I can help troubleshooting it if you like.

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