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Hello dear people on this forum.

As little child I've had an obsession for batteries and keep large collections of differal types of batteries. From Penlight, baby, mono, D22 and other types. I've had it all.
Then my passion for computers began. It is my primairy job; IT manager (high education/graduation OOAA)

But there's one but, my knowledge and practicals are never gone. Out of this kind of obsession typical for persons with autism I bought me a full electric scooter from a young dynamic corporation called here also in English "ECO-movement"
Ridden over 4000 miles and never a faillure.
But now the accu's are at the end of their usefull life and the time is here to bought me a new set of accu's.

Good, my EV:
ECE-Lectric 909
1 kW max power (ought to be terrible slow, but it isn't)
5 times 12volt 18A (not Ah) SLA (sealed lead acid). Or to be say: 12 volt 8,79 Ah*
Blue model, induction engine for high torque at low speed
Price in Holland 1599 euro or better 2718 dollar at 1:1.7

* That's are these nasty things I want to discuss about here. A or Ah. For a accu these values where never so different. Or could I say the "C" current value. Ah is in fact C=1 and A is the total possibility for deliverance.
I also want to hook in on existing topics to help other people around here with their questions.

My English is not perfect. At my 7th birthday I went to Holland and once I went back to good old England, but the knowledge of my English is not what it ought to be in any kind.

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Re: Found where I looking for

Dear Friend from Holland--

I thought your English was very good! Good enough to understand and fun as well. There were a few terms you used that I
wasn't familiar with. Particularly "accu". Possibly this stands for accumulator, which is a pretty good substitute for battery. I think our understandings of the words amp (A) and amphour (Ah) might be different because of our different locations on the globe. Now, my understanding of amp (A) is RATE of flow of electrons. Of course this varies with the voltage ( roughly equivalent to 'pressure' ), and resistance (roughly equal to the restriction in a circuit, or sort of equivalent to the size hole through which your medium must pass, be it a liquid, or just a bunch of electrons.) I understand amphours (Ah) to be roughly equivalent to the total amount of electrons available, roughly equivalent to the amount of gasoline or other liquid in a tank. Amps is rate of use, and amphour is quantity, as I understand it. Possibly this applies here: Rate(A)* Time(hours) = Quantity (Ah). I bet there are guys here who know this in and out, and can suggest refinements to these ideas. I imagine government standards come in to play that would complicate matters.

Interesting topic. Thanks for posting it. Be Well! :)

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Re: Found where I looking for


I bet there are guys here who know this in and out, and can suggest refinements to these ideas.

I would really like a standard that gives a battery rating in watthours (whrs) at the 1/2, 3/4, or 1 hr rate. That would be far more useful than amphours at the 20 hour rate, because amp hours is only one component of energy, and energy is what we are really interested in. EVs can control the rate of energy flow a lot better then something like a flashlight, for which an ah rating may be more helpful for calculating run time.

This would make it very easy to directly compare different battery chemistries.

Quite a few electronic devices now use a fairly constant rate of energy (or power), which would make it much easier to calculate run time with a new whr rating system. For example, a laptop will draw less current when the battery is fully charged and the voltage is high then after the voltage starts to sag down to maintain the power level that it needs to function.

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