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new ebay lifepo4 seller

looks like another lifebatt style enclosure, 6c discharge, verrry interesting. too bad they have to diss other sellers so bad. personally, my experience with ping was great particlarly since i did not expect the product to exceed it's specs. this looks like a good enough price on a good batt for the 50 amp controller, trailer pulling e bikes. i'm no electronic whizz but it seems to me that is good enough of a discarge rate if testing poves it out, for higher powered e bikes and motorcycles, scooters etc that can't run on 2c batteries. could be a good choice of cell for gradally building up range and capacity as an e bike grows into a real motorcycle. if you coud buy a few cells every six months and find a free donercycle once a year you could really end up with a nice fleet of ev's all running off one or more standard packs at your preferred voltage. i'm sure this is just the beginning of a real flood of actually avaliable lifepo4 cells. now we just need somebody to start producing a bms that goes with it. surely pactracker or somebody sees a market niche to fill here. even now at 50 bucks replacing a toasted cell occasionally won't kill you like replacing a whole lead batt when one cell goes bad. in a few years we'll chuckle over this period of high price and vaporware vendors just like i do now when i recall being so happy in colledge, when i got my hands on a calculator that did sqare roots for only 100 dollars, a months pay then. at least i remember part of 1976.

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Re: new ebay lifepo4 seller

well here is another ebay seller with the 13C rate discharge cells similar to lifebatts but stronger discharge rates...
they have ebikes and electric bike kits aswell
call dean on 0404977013 for details or visit the store

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