Tire noises on the Z-20 - request diagnostic help

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Tire noises on the Z-20 - request diagnostic help


As noted in another topic, I finally have a Z-20 that has worked for more than 24 hours. It's been a fun getting to finally drive it around, but there are a few issues that I'm coming up against now that I have some real road use tests.

1. The speedometer (and, hence, odometer) have broken. They don't move at all anymore.

2. The rear tire makes a squeeking noise when it rotates. It's not loud, but it's definitely there. I put it on the center stand and rotated the tire slowly by hand - the squeeking is still there when I rotate by hand. Is this the brake pad rubbing against the rotor? Do I need to get the brakes adjusted?

3. After the speedometer broke, the bike began making a clicking noise that is consistent with my traveling speed. Think of it as having an baseball card clipped to your rear bike tire (anybody old enough to remember that?). I've made a quick glance around the tires and don't see anything flapping against anything that would rotate. Any ideas on this one?

Thanks for any help and info you can provide.


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Re: Tire noises on the Z-20 - request diagnostic help

1. Remove the cable to the speedometer. It will have a rotating thing in the cable. If that still rotates when you spin the front tire, then the problem is internal to the speedometer, and I think your going to have to contact EVTA for a replacement. If it doesn't rotate, then the problem may be the cable itself, or the mechanism that drives it from the wheel.

2. Adjust the brake caliper alignment, and adjust the brake travel if possible to make sure there's no braking pressure with the lever out. Also check the axle bolt tightness while your at it. It's probably a good idea to just go through the scooter and check all of the critical bolts and refer to the manual for torque specs if any.

3. My guess is the clicking noise is internal to the speedometer. Leave the cable out, and use a rubber band, or tie to secure it to the speedometer housing or something so it won't flop down. Also, cover the cable opening with a plastic bag and rubber band to keep dirt out. Then run the scooter and see if it still makes the noise. My gas BMW used to make some strange noises and I couldn't figure out what it was until my speedometer broke.

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Re: Tire noises on the Z-20 - request diagnostic help

There were reports some time ago for another brand of electric scooter that had a noise from the front wheel. Turned out to be no grease in the speedo drive gears @ the front wheel. A little grease resolved the problem. As for the brake noise. Remove the caliper asm and rotate the wheel. This will prove if it is the brake rotor/caliper or something in the motor (rear wheel). Same for the front wheel. Remove the caliper and the speedo cable and rotate the wheel. Front wheel is easy to remove so you can inspect the speedo drive mechinism. See my setup for removing front wheel.

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