Hi I'm new...

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Hi I'm new...

The question...
My wife has an EV1...the Iacocoa bike.
she loves it but I'm getting tired of buying Gel Cells for it.
I am considering buying one of Ping's batteries for it.

The question I have is regarging the controller on the EV1.
the EV1 uses 2x 12v 12 Ah batts.
can I use a 36v pack with this controller?
I assume it is a current feeback PWM controller...
if such is well designed I should be OK but I don't know.

should I just have Ping build up a 24v 25 AH pack for me?

any input would be appreciated.
Miguel Drake
Denver CO

I am an engineer...mechanical,
I design automated equipment, or at least I did until 2 mos ago...
now I program the controllers for such equipment.
I am comfortable with SPICE and an oscope as well as a soldering iron.

I need some quick input here before I dump a bunch of cash at ebikes.ca
for a controller I don't need

Thanks again

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Re: Hi I'm new...

If your wife is happy with the speed and performance of 24v then there's no reason to go for higher voltage. You know the bike runs at 24v and there's a decent supplier (Ping) of a 24v pack. My experience with Ping's packs is good so far and I'm impressed at the weight and size difference. Half or third the size and weight for the same kilowatt-hours of electricity. Way cool.

If you went for higher voltage there's the question of whether the controller and other electronics can handle the higher voltage w/o blowing. It's possible the FET's etc are rated at high enough values as you speculate that it would work. I don't know this bike and can't comment on the ratings. Maybe someone else here can.

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Re: Hi I'm new...

I agree, especially with the concept of don't change what your wife allready likes.
One issue my wife did not like about my one gear 36 volt trike is that you can't keep up peadling at most of the speed range. Riding at 36 volt speed meant no peadling which would put her legs to sleep like sitting in a bad chair. Get the largest amp hour ping you can fit in the box so cutouts don't become an issue. The big ones have beefier bms.

Be the pack leader.
36 volt sla schwinn beach cruiser
36 volt lifepo4 mongoose mtb
24 volt sla + nicad EV Global

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Re: Hi I'm new...

as I suspected...

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