E-MAX Sport 2006 Front Wheel Challenge ;-)

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E-MAX Sport 2006 Front Wheel Challenge ;-)

I recently tried to work on the front brake calipers and am not sure as to how to get that wheel to run free, it actually puts up a good amount of resistence which I can feel just turning it manually...

Anybody have experience in making the calipers open up better and letting the wheel run free again?

Thanks for your insight - my toolbox is standing by ;-)


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Re: E-MAX Sport 2006 Front Wheel Challenge ;-)

Short answer: Replace them with discs. ;)

Actually it depends quite a bit on your brakes. Mine can be adjusted three ways.

First, there's a small screw-thing holding the brake cable where it exits the brake lever housing. Playing with this opens or closes the calipers a little. Most mountainbikes and shifter/brake assemblies have this.

Second, there's a similar thing on the caliper itself. It does the same thing. I think all calipers have this one.

Third, there is a spring that holds the calipers centered. It should have a nut or something near it that allows you to tilt the brake assembly by loosening or tightening it. I haven't seen too many of these, but they are a great help because typically you'll have one side that's too far away from the wheel when the other is almost touching.

If you don't have that, there might be a few spacers on the actual pads that you can move around to try and get it centered.

Another option is to get good brake pads and open open up the assembly with the brake lever/caliper screw-thingy. The good pads will mean you don't have to squeeze the levers so hard, so they extra play isn't a problem.

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Re: E-MAX Sport 2006 Front Wheel Challenge ;-)


The e-max is a full sized scooter with front disc brakes, rear drum brakes.


1. make sure the pads are sitting correctly in the stainless anti-rattle clips in the torque plate (the thing the brake pads mount on)

2. The caliper should moved reasonably freely on it's slide pins. Put a bit of grease on them.

3. Before putting the caliper/torque plate assembly back on, gently pry the pads apart. This pushes the caliper piston into it's bore.

4. Install the caliper/torque plate assembly onto the strut with the two bolts.

5. Pump the brake lever a couple times until the brake feels solid.

6. Spongyness or dragging brakes may be due to air in the brake system. Have a helper squeeze the brake lever, then hold the lever down. Carefully crack open the bleeder fitting and observe any air or bubbles being ejected from the fitting. repeat until only brake fluid comes out.

7. Top off the brake fluid reservoir at the brake lever. You have to remove the front fairing to do this.

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