XP 700 Batteries - Dead?

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XP 700 Batteries - Dead?

Anyone have experience with XP 700s - Electric pocket bikes? I was given (2) bikes, that each have (3) batteries - all (6) batteries were bone dry. I filled them up with distilled water and am charging them now. I don't know how long they were sitting dry but is it possible to 'bring them back from the dead'? I also have a Cag, (2) other electric bikes and a Cat Eye. I've rebuilt a Razor (no mods - just stock) but those batteries were fine. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: XP 700 Batteries - Dead?

Best bet is to buy new batteries. Also, XP batteries are 'sealed lead'. If you were able to pour anything into them it should tell you they are dead/damaged. Dispose of them accordingly please.

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