I need to replace my car with an Ebike - Suggestions needed!!!!

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I need to replace my car with an Ebike - Suggestions needed!!!!

Gas is $3.92/gal in my area and I've drawn the line at $4/gal. I have an Army Recon mountain bike (http://www.esbuys.com/sports_hobbies/esth367_26_army_recon_21_speed_folding_bike.htm) that I would like to use as my daily commuter so I need suggestions on what to buy. I would like an Ebike kit capable of cruising 30mph with a 25 mile range without pedaling. If a kit like this is not on the market I will take the closest thing. Please reply ASAP, I only have 8cents to go.

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Re: I need to replace my car with an Ebike - Suggestions

30 miles/hr is a bit fast for a bicycle and many places in the U.S. have laws limiting electric bicycles to 20 miles/hr. For example in California the way I read the vehicle code a 30 miles/hr powered vehicle should be registered as a MOPED. And essentially a powered bicycle is a MOPED.

To get that range I'd strongly look for a lithium-ion battery pack.

All that said.. http://electricrider.com/crystalyte/index.htm has kits which offer the speed / range you are asking for. Also think about http://largoscooters.com/go-hubkits.html ..

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Re: I need to replace my car with an Ebike - Suggestions needed!

I can't think of anything near the specs you want. Lithium Ion is definitely the way to go, but you'd need a lot of even those to go 25 miles at 30 mph. Then there's the challenge of installing the kit in such a way that the bike will still fold. If you're willing to go 25 miles with moderate pedaling and cruise at 17mph or so I'd recommend the Bionx kit. Many people have installed them on Dahon and Birdy folders. I suspect it would work on yours as well.

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Re: I need to replace my car with an Ebike - Suggestions needed!

25 miles is about the maximum range for an ebike. You will need the light weight and 20 amp hour sise of a Lifepo4 battery to go that far, and you will need a full recharge, which may take 8 hours or more to get back. Going that far at 30 mph is kinda sketchy leagaly, and pretty annoying to others if you will be riding a biking-walking trail. If you ride the street, cops tend to ignore you if you obey speed limits and drive safe. If the speed is really needed, get a gas scooter if you live where air quality is not such a big issue. 20 mph is a much more realistic speed for the distance you want. at 15 mph, an ebike can go amazing distances. Wind resistance is the big issue, even at 10 mph. My commute of 12 miles takes about 50 minuites at 25 mph, but the stop signs and lights give me about 16 mph average speed. A 48 volt battery will get you 25 to 30 mph speed depending on the motor, but you will have to see at what speed you can go and still not run the battery out before you get there. For me it wasn't the price of gas, but the cost of wear and tear on the car that was killing me. I enjoy the ride so much i don't mind the time it takes, but 25 miles is a long way at 20 mph or less.

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