Ideal acceleration and speed in the city.

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I have been thinking about what it would be like with a higher top speed with Giant LaFree. Right now it tops out at like 21 MPH. On long stretches faster would be nice, but in the city I find the speed about right, but a little more acceleration might help. What happens with city riding is I find I'm back on the brakes, after reaching my top speed, for the next stop sign or light. That is why I'm thinking a little more acceleration would help.

Now what is the best way of getting a little more performance? From what I hear, if I increase the voltage to the motor I will go faster, but I can kill some low end and the faster I go the less range I will have. Is there a way of modifying the computer on the bike so it does not cut off power assist at 21 MPH? What about the BMS will modifying the shunt help? And how do you get more acceleration, is it possible without changing the motor?

Thanks, Deron.


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