Ping Lifepo4 packs or another??

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Ping Lifepo4 packs or another??

It seems that Ping won't be shipping cells for a while. No longer on ebay until after Olympics. From reading these forums it appears that the Ping Packs were the preferred packs? Are there any others proven? I see Yesa and Lifecell. I think I read Ping uses 5ah cells for his? If they are indeed better I could wait till Sept.

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Re: Ping Lifepo4 packs or another??

I read in an email that he wouldn't have any in stock for 4-7 weeks, and that was about a week ago, suggesting a temporary supply issue than strictly an Olympics issue(The Olympics isn't for another 9 weeks or so.). So you might see something as early as July. :)

But, there are other cells proven but they're not in packs. Mainly headway and PHET, though both "require" a minimum order although headway is flexible: They call sub-minimum quantity orders "Sample orders". XD

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Re: Ping Lifepo4 packs or another??

I don't recall anybody whining about thier yesa packs. In my case, I needed the 20 ah sise for range. All the yesa's I see are 10 ah. And nobody has been as cheap as ping.

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