need a new scooter

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need a new scooter

Hey all

I just returned here after a year absence. I bought an e-max scooter in 2006 and have 2000 miles on it, primarily scooting around town on 1-2 miles trips. The battery has gone from a top milage of 31 miles per charge to around 20 miles per charge now. The speed is still governed at 25 mph, which is a bummer on busy roads. The right turn signal has permanently failed. The rear brake has failed. The horn is gone. Chargers have gone bad. But, the thing still gets me where I want to go. I'm not upset at e-max company, just very disappointed.

Anyway, I'm looking for a new electric vehicle. I love the Valence-powered Oxygen scooters with 100 mile range in Italy, but they don't sell in the US as I understand...... I love the Vetrix, but am unwilling to shell out $9000 for a bike that no-one in rural Illinois knows how to fix.

Are there any other electric scooters, bikes, etc I might look into?

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Re: need a new scooter

XM-3000 and the XM-3500Li electric mopeds coming soon.

XB-300Li, XB-490 and XB-700Li electric bikes coming soon.

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